Welcome to AENORASIS S.A.

Aenorasis is a rapidly growing Greek company that, as of 1998, promotes, markets and distributes pharmaceuticals and medical devices in Greece. Our product portfolio includes pharmaceuticals, radio-pharmaceuticals, medical devices and in-vitro diagnostics.

By operating with Experience and ensuring the highest Quality standards, Aenorasis is a reliable supplier of hospitals, all over Greece, in the areas of Oncology, Haematology, Nephrology, Surgery, Anaesthesia, Intensive Care, Cytology, Gynecology and Nuclear Medicine.

Aenorasis distributes, under exclusive licenses, products of leading European and US companies. Major partners include Hospira Inc (USA), CIS bio– IΒΑ Group (France-Belgium), Hologic Inc (USA) and Genomica SAU – Zeltia Group (Spain).

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> Pharmaceuticals
Image1Aenorasis markets and distributes pharmaceuticals, through exclusive collaborations with companies such as Hospira Inc and Bayer Hellas, throughout Greece.
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> Radio-Pharmaceuticals
Image4The company’s portfolio includes in-vivo and in-vitro diagnostic tests and high affinity therapeutic substances used for the treatment of serious diseases.
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> Medical Devices
Image3Aenorasis markets and distributes a wide range of medical devices and top quality, reliable and precision integrated systems. in the following categories...                                     
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> In-vitro Diagnostics
Image2From the very beginning, Aenorasis focused on diagnostics (equipment, and reagents). By cooperating with Hologic, Inc and Genomica, SAU, among others...
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